We, at OAJ, believe in quality work with an appropriate strength and we provide personal attention to the students throughout their preparation. Therefore, a regular follow up and monitoring system is developed considering all the minute events of the students.

Regular Homework Checking System

Regular Homework Checking System monitors the consistency of their study at home and keeps a track record of student's homework.The report is presented to teacher regularly.

Reading Sessions

Regular Reading Sessions are organized to develop a habit of long term sitting and regular self-study in students.

Regular Doubt Sessions

Regular Doubt Sessions are organized after reading sessions to ensure that the doubts of the students are solved the same day.

Test System

Our Test System is well organized. Our question paper quality is very high. We continuously monitor our students' performance on the basis of their test result.


Regular Academic Counselling is done based on the follow up of homework, test and class performance if needed

(Parents Teacher Meeting)

Regular PTM is organized to give regular update of the student's performance and giving a genuine guidance for their better career.